We are outta here.

You are assigned to a client that you know has a history of pushing the envelope on legality and morality.

You go to a restaurant, club or some social gathering. He’s ready to leave and clearly he has latched onto someone that appears to be underage. Everyone on the shift has that look on their face.

He says take me back to the hotel. You arrive and he tells you that he’s probably gonna be in for the rest if the night but stay close to your phone.

During the natural progression of human curiosity you and your team start discussing the situation. Is she or isn’t she underage? If she is, how does the security team play into the possibility of something going wrong. As the leader this is one of your worse potential nightmares. Vicariously you are involved. What do you do?

The ever looming possibility of being present when a client or protectee conducts him or herself in a questionable manner is always in the back of our minds. At least it should be. How do you plan to handle that? Do you have a plan. I know of reputable protection specialists that have walked off of details when they witnessed illegal activity. I also know of guys that have witnessed and stayed with the client.

Turning a blinds eye is something I couldn’t live with especially if it comes back to haunt you. I am in no way saying that you should report what you perceive is illegal however it is a double edged sword between turning your head and being a consummate professional, when something illegal is done in your presence.

Turning states witness will inevitably ruin your chances of working with anyone. However are you willing to fall of the sword like Larry Cockell did?

That’s the question. What’s your answer.

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