Weapons training in basic EP courses

I tweeted a subject that I am also putting in the upcoming ebook. And that is weapons training in a basic EP course. My earnest belief is that handling weapons is a serious matter, as there is importance on protective driving.

I’ll cut to the chase by saying that fundamental weapons “training” should not be in a basic EP school. EP schools are populated by students who’s proficiency ranges from little to no experience to skilled weapon handlers. Introduction to weapons is something that needs to be taught separate and apart from the EP course. It is inconceivable and ethically inappropriate. Handling a weapon in the confines of your own house with rudimentary training is up to you, but when your responsibility is to protect someone in a threatening situation, “shoot no shoot” applies.
I think that EP schools should split their schools for those with weapons proficiency and schools with no experience. Aspiring specialists need to attend a weapons course tailor made for basic instruction where the curriculum focuses on A thru Z.

Schools that have weapons in their courses should make the student pass a basic entrance test to show weapons handling and a simplified qualification course. This will set a baseline Om where the student is. When the weapons module comes up in the basic course there is some parody whereby a student who is unsafe can continue but given an “unarmed
EP certificate”. Those who pass have full rights and privileges.
The students who elect to go to the unarmed EP course without weapons complete the unarmed EP course and then take an EP weapons course. When they finish they can provide the certificate and return to your school and quality for the armed EP certificate.

This blog is something I have been mulling over for years due to the influx of rhetoric about weapons amongst specialists on the social media. It’s alarming how many guys rely on their weapon choices but never discuss alert, shield and move.

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