What do you do?

When I travel I always get looks and people inquiring about what I do for a living.
I purposely do not wear tactical gear like 5.11 pants or Blackhawk hats etc. But there’s something about us that says, ” He does something different.” I tell people that I’m a consultant on risk management. Thats not lying but it’s not totally the truth.
I went to Dubai one year and when I stood near the baggage claim it looked like a High risk contractor convention. I couldn’t walk 10 feet without bumping into someone with cargo pants, baseball cap with some tactical association on it and Oakley glasses on toting a military type back pack.
When I got to the customs counter I was detained and asked if I was KBR. My airport expediter told him I was not. But they still questioned me.
My point is, you don’t have to bring unnecessary attention on yourself by trying to show who you are. In some places people like us are frowned upon.
There are some guys out there that don’t have any casual clothes at all in their closet. That’s crazy.
Be mindful of that and stay the quiet professional.

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