What time do we eat?

Stay ready so that you don’t have to get ready!!!!  When I was a junior Operator, Specilaist, [whatever you wanna call it, but PLEASE don’t refer to me ever as being a Bodyguard] and I knew that I had a long shift ahead of me, I packed some type of sustenace on my person that would get me through the day. 

I never assumed that the client was going to make arrangements for me to eat.  More often than not, they never take that in consideration.  Meaning they don’t account for the fact that guys/women need to eat.  That’s the responsibilty of the individual specialist.  When they contract us for services for lets say, a special event, they are more concerned that the event goes off without a hitch.  They plan for the meals of the guests and never [or should they] consider the security force.  Often times it’s the wait staff that asks the protection team if they want to eat.  In those cases we make arrangements on the “fly” and do pushes so that everyone can grab a bite.  That’s the exception, NOT the rule.  Let me expound on grabbing a bite.  That means, getting it in and getting back out.  It does NOT mean sitting down expecting appetizers, a main course and desert.

I had a situation in the early infantile stages of BPI when I had a detail in Washington, DC.  The event was a major player in the field of science technology.  We had a speaker that was scheduled to attend and she, as well as the host, had received threats by an activist group.  I used a local city police officer from Maryland to fill one of the static posts for the day shift.  I was roaving the facility and “pushing” to give breaks as well as maintaining comms with the host.  The officer’s shift  started at 0800.  When I went to check on him at approximately 0900 he was in the lobby as instructed however he was jaw jacking with the omelette chef.  I told him to remain vigilant and watch the main entrance. He gave the me the, “yea ok” nod, which should have thrown up the “he’s up to something” flag.  When I returned at approximately 0930 he was missing.  I guess by the look on my face, coupled with my posture, the chef asked, “Are you looking for your man”?  I gingerly responded, “Why yes sir, I am”.  He replied, “He’s downstairs sitting at the table eating.”  I got my faculties about me and went to him.  He was sitting there with the napkin neatly tucked in his oxford shirt, looking like Al Capone at a La Cosa Nostra annual meeting, eating properly as if he was in Buckingham Palace.  I asked, “L****, what are you doing?”  He replied, “It’s my breakfast time.”  Without missing a beat I told him that after he swallowed that last bite to go back to his post.  I had planned to feed all of my guys that day but this joker decided that his daily breakfast time was more important than the mission.  Luckily the client never noticed him missing.

I have had guys working details and text me, “When are we going to eat.”  Are you serious?  Piss poor preparation promotes piss poor performance.  Piss poor performance promotes pain.  Plan ahead people.  Never assume that a shift will accoommodate a full meal break.  I always have a bag or 2 of cashews in my pocket as well as 3 or 4 Odwalla bars to get me through the day in the event that there are no meals planned in the Op.  Many people get spoiled by the good details when the client feeds us and expect that from every client.  That is not the case.  We are in an industry that is service oriented.  We deliver a service unlike any other service out there.  We deliver the service, the client isn’t compelled to serve us. 

Theres a simple solution to all of this.Say home and eat all you want so that you don’t have to come to work thinking about food.

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