What you say matters

I’ve been surfing other forums and blogs and I read the comments and things that people are writing. Understand this. I do not sit on a soap box and profess to be THE expert on this matter. In fact, I’m learning more about my weaknesses everyday. In life as well as professional.
This blog is about my experiences, albeit my mistakes and lessons learned. The only hard fast rules I have is how I operate BPI and what I expect of the specialists under me.

But when I read these forums and people slandering others opinions without room for explanation, I only chalk it up to a lack of professionalism.

When Dalton Fury wrote his book “The hunt for Bin Laden” countless people, many non military slandered him for various reasons. Mostly because he questioned the administrations genuineness on capturing the terrorist when they had him in their sights. Others, who were military spoke about his violation of speaking about the missions. Paul Howe, who has done the real thing came out and told everyone that Fury had not violated anything. Moreover, he empathized with him based on how he was treated after the BHD situation.
My point is this, there is a huge difference between. Critique and criticism. You can critique any of my positions here and I expect that. But don’t criticize me unless youve walked in my shoes as a minority business owner in this industry.
Everyday I wake up I know I have to run faster, jump higher, speak faster and eloquently, learn more and tread lighter. Until you know these shoes stay inside yours.

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