What’s behind your name?

About a year ago, I was tempted to study for the CPP certification. Then I asked myself, “What do I gain from spending the money and the time?” I get a seat at the table with all of the so-called “Experts” as designated by ASIS. It pads my resume for a job position. But I am comfortable with my position now-President of BPI. While I am on ASIS, I used to be a member but found no tangible benefits for me other than discounts on their products and enrollments. I do, however still subscribe to Security Management magazine. If you sift through the thousand or so security company adds you can possibly find an article that will update you on current trends. Just be mindful of the writer’s pedigree. If not, you may find yourself reading the equivalent of Dr. Suess writing on microbiology. Not good.

Back to my original point, I have never been asked by any client or potential client after giving my bio or resume if I had a CPP certification, nor have I been challenged by any card carrying CPP if I am saavy in my craft. To me, at this time, its not a deal breaker. I’ve sat at the table with multi-million dollar decision makers, Heads of State, celebrities and have made suggestions and decisions that they’ve accepted without having to show them that I have studied for and passed a certification that a Security Society determines is necessary.

For now, my CPP was achieved by getting my nails dirty, learning my craft and advancing in a select security fraternity filled with brothers who never think you’ve made your bones. In those elite and secret meetings I was the one standing post outside in the rain while they read through their rituals and did their secret handshake. Now that they have opened their eyes they’re wondering who let me in the room and how did I get a seat at the head table.

If you have your CPP has it benefited you?

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