What’s more important?

The dynamic nature of what can be perceived in this industry produces an insatiable urge for specialists to register and attend courses that do all the cool stuff that hit the CDI (Chics dig it) meter.  Let me say this, I do encourage people to attend driving schools, advanced weapons training etc, but at the end of the day when you get behind the wheel of that car just salivating to do a reverse 180, do you know all the motorcade protocols?

The tactical Timmies are evenly matched with the other guys that spend thousands of dollars to atteend counter-surveillance schools.  Before I get started let me just qualify by saying that a CS school is great to have under your belt, BUT are you going to be conducting CS on a detail in CONUS?  Maybe you convince a client to sign on for that after you justify the reason, however the reality is lesser than you think.  Instead, why not take a surveillance detection course.  Everytime we work we should be doing surveillance detection.  Havimg a CS element maybe good for a static location however when there are multiple sites, there can be a logistical and financial strain on the client’s purse, whereas with surveillance detection the SD team moves with the client and the manpower for protection and the SD team is static-both teams are one in the same.

The above examples are what Advanced executive protection really is.  As Mark said the other day on the Open Door conversation, shooting in and around a berm is NOT advanced EP, it is weapons training.  It is very important that you know and understand the difference.  EP is EP and shooting is weapons training.  Immediate action drills can/are a combination of both.  I am NOT anti-weapons training but I really think that the emphasis is on weapons training has taken front seat to the real training evolutions that a specialist should be following.

Me and Mark have an open invitation with the “Boys” in Texas to come down and train, use the shoot house and rub elbows with America’s finest.  It is a great relationship that we have garnered.  However, when we get there we spend just as much, if not more time, off the range and out of the shoot house talking about the industry and how to further the pertinent training for specialists that need it.  If you EVER see an open course on the MTMS training calendar that says the location is TEXAS you need to sign up for that and see what I am referring to.  In the meantime you really need to put some serious thought in what is really more important for your platform.


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