What’s the dress code for tomorrow

I have ventured down this Blog path before on attire making a mockery of some of the fashion no-no’s in the industry. But let’s say that your wardrobe is sound and your closet is deep. How and who decides what the attire of the day will be?

Obviously, an event will dictate your choice of clothes. The area you operating in will as well. But there are times when the agenda does not dictate a concise itinerary and imagination is left at your disposal.

Notwithstanding any obvious restrictions a business casual look will blend in anywhere. If you need to dummie down you can remove the blazer and go slacks and shirt. If you are armed, in today’s fashion range, it is not a faux pas to pull your shirt out of your pants to conceal your weapon. This look is what I call the standard uniform of the day for most of the night clubbers in Vegas. I hear minister laughing now. If you keep a tie rolled up close by you, you can always upgrade back into business attire in a matter of minutes.

There are times that a client will wear shorts around town. I personally don’t have an issue with shorts but I think it diminishes your overall appearance as a ready mechanism. Also you risk the chance of getting scarred up with the exposure or skin.

There are countless methods of casual attire and just about every company sells tactical/tacti-cool wear. Trousers have evolved from the standard BDU’s to rip-stops and microfiber. This modern day warrior wear is tasteful but at the same time is so over purchased there is no anonymity in what you do and who you are. Everyone has jumped on the band wagon of casual tactical wear. I am a victim of the 5.11 craze but I must admit their line is comfortable, practical and durable.

Jeans are acceptable in the BPI dress manual. Nothing beats a good pair of jeans with a classy shirt. There is a downside though. There are so many jeans out there that it can be very costly. In corporate EP I don’t think designer jeans with overt stitching and studs are appropriate. The highest I will go is Lucky Brand, but thats me.

I posted this blog because today, and as many times that I have been with this protectee in CONUS and abroad, I found myself in a quandry of sorts. In a guessing game yesterday. I was confident that we had nothing major planned for the day so I dressed accordingly. My protectee utilized the day to rest and as the night crept up on me I had to make a decision to stay dressed as I was and risk the chance of being improperly attired for a possible dinner outting or change and possibly waste a clean shirt and slacks. I changed. As fate would have it, I received the text, “Make dinner reservations. ” B-I-N-G-O” I win!

With new clients it is a roll of the dice but if you’ve been around a particular protectee for over ten (10) years you start to think like them. Dress well, dress properly and dress accordingly.

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