When is 25 million not enough to snitch?

Apparently when you’re in Pakistan. It seems that 25 million does not translate in the same manner as it does in anywhere, USA.

I don’t buy the statement, “the trail went cold”. No matter what your political views are and what beliefs you espouse to we had this joker in our sights before and chose not to strike when the iron was HOT. Just like the old telephone commercial said, ” reach out and touch someone”

All roads lead to Pakistan. Or better yet ,all terrorist fugitives lead to Pakistan. To me there was a concerted effort to protect him there. This premise of hiding in plain site is a joke to me because I personally believe someone at high levels knew of his existence there.

Everyone is starting to sound like the Iraqi minister of misinformation. Remember him, “we have crushed the Americans”.

For that amount of money I would dress mark up in a beard and shemagh and tell the US Government I saw him at quantico marine base buying danner boots. Hahhahahaha

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