When it’s all worth it

At the end of any detail you always rewind every step, every arrival, every departure, every route plan, movement within a location, proximity to client spacing etc.

As a business owner I’m always concerned that the service we promised to deliver met the expectations of the client on every level. Irrespective of what after action report we get, I always know there are things that could be done smoother and better from an operational and administrative perspective.

Normally, I like to have a daily debrief before we retire for the night, however due to the late nights and early turn around I limited those to the first 3 nights and cut the team loose each night after the protectee closed his door.

But last night after our final arrival at the RON the protectee pulled me aside along with his chief second and expressed his sincere appreciation for our service and professionalism. He was especially thankful of the fact that we treated his son medically and caught an unknown male conducting surveillance on us. The fact that I initiated counter surveillance on the unknown male and documented his actions, elevated our stock with this client. Pictures were taken and submitted to the corporate staff along with a detailed report from me. The submission of the report allowed the person to be later identified. This is what we do. Instead of paying attention to our gig line and making sure our sunglasses are on, we at BPI do executive protection.

As I blogged before, I used some neophytes on this detail without any qualms. Even with the best specialists, “every detail is a training day”. They all made me proud and I’d like to thank each one of them. You all know who you are and as the silent professionals they are, I know they don’t expect me to list their names publicly.

So now we’ll all go home, downgrade and get ready for the next one in 4 days. Next detail- Europe for 3 weeks for BPI.

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  1. Rhino

    Enough said ,Bravo guys couldnt have expected anything less . The BPI Brand taking the tip of the spear ,this is why I love my job!!!!!!!
    Aut viam inveniam aut faciam (Hannibal)
    I'll either find a way or make one

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