When it’s out of your hands

This week we got a call from a specialist (Earplug) that does work for us on the side. He used to own his own company but tough times and unreliable partners turned his company out. He remains a reliable asset for BPI as a lone wolf.

He called me and minister about a training, and EP consulting possibility as well as a vetting proposal that would include the third arm of the Boanerges group, Omega investigations, headed by Brian Diggs.

The client was a secular organization that wanted to train and hire security specialists to perform close in personnel protection, static posts and vehicle and building searches for explosives.

A little background. The client approached a gentleman that had done with Earplug. He pitched the idea to Richard and in turn richard came straight to us. We had met this guy before about 5 years ago when Richards company was in Vegas training for their certs to do EP in Nevada. Richard thought it was important for his team to meet me, and mark.

So, minister has 2 days to do the proposal and in doing so he has to explain why the Boanerges group should be chosen and not another company. Heck, that’s easy. In doing so, and par for the course minister got caught up in what he was doing and went on a emergency secondary route and was actually performing 3 tasks at the same time. After a gentle pimp slap (kidding) the proposal was sent. Let me just say this with boldness – No one does a proposal better than Mark Fair. NO ONE!
In the meantime I sensed some insecurity raising up from our contacts friend. I told him that we have a unblemished reputation when it comes to third party relationships and you (earplug) for one should know that and stress to him why he should be at ease. His discomfort was due to the fact that his name nor company was in the MTMS contract. Hey, don’t get it twisted. We will perform the services needed however YOU need to form a separate and official relationship with the secular organization and another sub contract agreement with us. That’s how you protect yourself and reassure your insecurity. I sensed this was his biggest opportunity and in playing the game he had chess pieces on a monopoly board. He should look at it like this. He’s the shuttle and we are the fuel that gets him off the ground. Without us his ship stays grounded. Without him we go nowhere in this opportunity.

The proposal was submitted and the client spoke to earplug and his friend and presented other questions that he needed to answer before his board. He apparently has other factions within the board that feel they can produce a better company (good luck with that).

At this point I am good with what we did and as any other proposal has gone- they have the best package in their hands. It’s out of ours now.

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