Where’s the spin?

Leave the pics in the file cabinet. In fact is it possible that the radicals could view their dead leader the same as a Christian views the crucifix?

When 43 mistakingly used the term crusade in his personal diatribe on getting UBL after 9/11 they spun the term and made it a religious aspiration on our part.

It’s our turn to spin the info. When are we gonna get on tv and put the attention back on the fact that the revered al Qaeda leader was NOT living up to the humble standards that he espoused to. He was not suffering in a cave on the front lines like the warrior he claimed he was.

In his jihad manual he instructed his fighters to never have their intel written down and kept in the same place that they lived. In fact he had computers, hard drives and flash drives with him and phone numbers sewn in his clothes. Oh that’s a new one. Instead of me using the old fashion method of remembering an important number, let me get my tailor to sew it in my suit.
He instructed his devout followers to not use american products. Wait, who was drinking those pepsi’s in your room?

Isn’t it funny that his wife put up more of a fight than him? Yet he believed in the subjugation of women. Cowboy up UBL. Oh wait, you can’t now. Game over bruh. I suddenly hear the Bon Jovi song, ” dead or alive” playing in my head.

He was the classic cliche ” do as I say, not as I do”. We need to exploit that fact and tear down the morale of his followers. You are following the instructions of a dead fraud.

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