Who is this again?

For many years I flew under the radar so to say. Within the last 2 years the BPI brand and the name Eric Konohia became a blip on the radar screen amongst folks in the business. From specialists to business owners I have been mentioned in dialogues pro and con.

I don’t have any issue with anyone that speaks negatively about me because 110% of their conversations is based off of what they really don’t know about me. What my real friends know about me is that I’m a straight shooter (figuratively and literally) and that I don’t cross people.

I do not throw out names of snakes in the business that have stolen clients from me or have been unethical or unprofessional. If the persons name enters a conversation I don’t immediately start bad mouthing the person. If I’m asked, “do you know or have you worked with so and so”. I will answer with a vague, “be careful”. It is only with my closest associates will I lay out the full Monty. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a complainer but if you cross me or someone that I care for, you’ll never have the opportunity to do it again nor will you reap any harvest or residual thereof from and BPI venture.

Times have changed and the BPI brand and the name Konohia has become more known. The BPI footprint has traversed the shores of western Africa over 25 times as well as Europe, South America and the middle east. More importantly we are known in the good ole US of A.

The other day I posted on linkedin about a request for HR218 card carriers. Shortly after my post I received a call from another local EP company asking for clarification. As the dialogue ensued we realized that we knew some of the same good guys in the business as well as the same knuckleheads. The conversation ended with us exchanging information and setting a tentative date for coffee.

Later that night he called again and asked if I could supplement a detail that he was working to secure. In my heart of hearts I feel that the initial call about the HR218 was part in parcel to my comment and an opportunity for him to break the barrier to talk to me. I may seem pretentious by saying that but its not the first time that’s happened and the reasons were the same.

As I’ve said before, I live by the premise ” lift as I climb”. If I can help someone excel or accelerate in their quest for success, I am here. Warning, I will NOT jeopardize my standards or ethics for one red cent. So, if you call and try to mask or disguise your ruthless purpose under the auspices of being legitimate, I will sniff through your disguise and expose you for who you are. ” Who is this again?”

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