Here I am in Las Vegas teaching a proprietary course and after a very long day of listening to Minister I went back to my room to depressurize, eat and watch some news. I turned on the local news and I was HIT with the Conrad Murray verdict and all of the hoopla associated with the results and commentary from fans as well as other celebrities. Then another sledge hammer. One of the reporter announces that after the break they will have a former Jackson bodyguard speak about the verdict.

Mr. Mike Garcia seemed a little uncomfortable as I looked at his body language and fielded questions about he felt about the verdict. Why this was news worthy still baffles me, yet he answered the questions. Minutes during the interview the reporter stated, “I know you don’t like to talk about this…” and then proceeded to ask him in so many words if he felt Michael Jackson was an addict. Garcia shifted in his seat and began to imply that the former pop star was in fact an addict of sorts. WHAT Pohaku (rock) did you crawl from. Then she asked him if he was planning to write a book. Once again he shifted and balked, but replied that if he did, the monies would go to a charitable organization “Back home”. Then he dropped the bomb that hit me personally- HAWAI’I! I am not only mad but I am embarrassed. Our state motto is, “Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono” In english it means, “The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness”. Key word righteousness! This news story really bothered me.

I am compelled to make sure that I don’t appear to be biased irrespective of any person nor where they are from, and I am more compelled to make sure that I don’t leave out any information that I feel is pertinent. Now to many of you the fact that Mr. Garcia is from Hawai’i does not matter, but to me it is a reflection of my culture and what we have been through and where we have come from.

I will end this blog and speak personally to Mr Garcia, A’ole wala au!!!! Kuli Kuli!!!! Pane kou waha!!!! Stop talking, hush and close your mouth.

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