1 if by land, 2 if by Sea

The anonymous joker has left a terrible taste in my mouth with releasing my book.  The trail that was blazed for me by those who forged this industry to what it is and what it will become has almost been marred by one single individual and a series of ridiculous interactions.  The turmoil that this one nut has generated has almost taken nations back to December 16, 1773.

Any book released now, excluding a Tom Taylor fictional, will be second guessed and more than likely be questioned due to these latest chain of events.  I postponed my original release because of some changes and additions that I wanted to make based on contemporary evolutions of the industry.  That said, it just feels wrong for me, regardless of the fact that mine is NOT a manual, but more like the “Butt Naked” truth about the industry of where we came from, where we are and where YOU can decide to go.  In fact these recent events have opened a new chapter for my book.

I cannot remember any period in my time in this CRAFT that I have ever seen one person turn truth upside down or openly attack a household name all in the spirit of trying to sell a book.  When that did not work, the next best way to draw attention [albeit negative] was to compare one country’s standards against another’s.  The best response would be, sell your book over there then.  We have our own problems here that we can settle on our own, so don’t invite me in for a spot tea only to find out that you pissed in the cup.  The sad part is that no matter how much you try to compare you and us, you and yours will always be chasing the elite of the stars and stripes and how they do it at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, DC.

I acquired my degree in 4 years exactly.  I know of several people that received that same 4 year degree but it took them 6 years to get it.  Because they were there longer than me, does that imply that they learned more?  NO, we have the same lamb skin degree that carries the same weight.  Being in school longer affords him/her no more knowledge, and to say that it does means that you are unable to grasp concepts in a shorter period of time.  Maybe you are a slow learner, and that is fine, but don’t get mad at those of us that can learn our principles in less time.

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