1 month after the course – He gets the call and responds superbly

Last Friday I received a call from one of my Fortune 1 corporate clients in desparate need of protective services as a result of Hurricane Sandy.  My client was a bit apprehensive as to whether or not we could cover the situation with local assets due to the devastation.  I told him that it would get covered.  I got off the phone and telephoned a recent MTMS graduate Jonathan Castro [call-sign Almond Joy] and informed him of the request.  His exact response was, “Easy, I’m on it.”  His enthusiasm in spite of his own issues with the storm excited me.  I telephoned my client POC back and told him to send me the OpOrder.  Once I received it I made the adjustments and sent it to Almond Joy.  I gave him 30 minutes to get his affairs in order as well as plan his routes.

When we spoke he had everything in order.  I never asked him but it appeared that he had been prepared for a call in the event one came, because it showed.  The very next morning at 0445 I received a text from him that he was on-station followed by a sitrep and pictures.  You can teach this but it takes the right person with the right mindset to receive it without direction.  Almond Joy’s days were very long despite the devastation and circumstances surrounding the AO [area of operations].

Castro is the picture perfect idea of an Executive Protection specialist, but what you cannot see with the naked eye is his sharp mind, commitment and passion for what he does.  This blog is about the good job he did, but just as important to those of you who wait for the call and either don’t answer or are not mentally ready when you do say “Hello”.  Maybe when you aren’t answering you are looking to see who is calling and saying, “HELL No” instead of answering to say “Hello and Hell yes.” I read once or twice, “Many are called but few are chosen.”


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  1. Barbara Castro Santiago

    That’s my nephew. I could not be more proud of him! This is the job he was born to do and he will do it with pride and honor, I have no doubt of that.

    1. Eric Konohia

      Ms Castro,
      You’ve known him undoubtedly longer than all of us and as a pretty good judge of people in this industry I can honestly say that he won’t disappoint you or me.

  2. Raffaele

    Nice job on both your parts! That is what happens when people aren’t afraid to hold themselves to a higher standard!

    Great job.

    1. Eric Konohia

      I hope you are reading Raffaele’s comment because he is absolutely right.

  3. Elijah Shaw

    This posting should serve as motivation to others. Be at the ready, and when the time comes, exceed expectations.

    1. Eric Konohia

      There it is….. exceeding expectations.

  4. Jonathan Castro

    One of the best advices I received from my Ranger instructor, Ret.1st Srg Smith (highy known in the SO world), was to “never meet the standard… SET THE STANDARD!”

    Ladies and Gentlemen, get it done.


    LT Castro

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