3 things to WORK on for the new year [Specialists]

Yesterday I posted 3 things that EP companies should “Change” for the upcoming New Year.  Today I want to make 3 things that Specialists should “work on” for the new year.

  1. Social Media:  The general public uses social media for various reason: connecting with old friend, advertising events, sharing news, sharing their political and religious views and updating their friends on just about everything they are doing throughout the day.  For the executive protection specialist there has to be a limitation on who, what, when, how and why you post.  Personally, I feel that there is a thin line between the personal and professional social media presence.  There are many specialists that maintain a professional persona on EP specific groups but when you go to their personal pages they are posting in a derogatory fashion.  Recently, I had to unfriend a handful of people during the election campaign for the derogatory nature of their comments towards both candidates.  I also recently visited another persons page that requested friendship.  When I went to his page he had posts upon posts with comments from his friends making defamatory comments towards women.  When I looked at his photos, they were consistent with his timeline.  The end result – NOT NOW button.  Social media is a tool and with any tool, if you are not using it properly you can get hurt by it.  I have talked to other leaders who actively and aggressively use social media to propel their brand and they all felt the same way.  Using twitter is not the place to go to in order to use a fake name and get away with the same irresponsible behavior.  Nor is Linkedin the place to go to and falsify your credentials in an attempt to represent yourself.  There is a book that I read that I highly recommend anyone serious about the power of Social Media.  The book is Social Boom by Jeffrey Gitomer.  It is a short, very well written book on what and how social media can change your presence.  Lastly, if you join these Social media groups- PARTICIPATE.  The days of sitting back and absorbing information without interaction is coming to a HALT.  For instance, on the Facebook NABA page, we can go to the member’s list and see when you joined and then see how much interaction you have done.  Numbers mean nothing of the majority are not participating.  I’d rather have 8 members thoroughly immersed than 80 with lukewarm enthusiasm.
  2. Professionalize yourself: One of the most disheartening aspects of this industry is the type of resumes and bio’s I receive on a regular basis.  I have said over and over that many times your resume is the first representation of YOU that anyone sees.  If you wonder why you never receive a follow-up call form anyone, now you know.  Buy your own domain and get a professional email address.  If John Doe from above purchased JohnDoeEPS.com he can now send and receive emails other than the dreaded gmail.com address.  In the beginning you can get away with it, but if you have been in this industry for 3+ years there is no excuse, especially when you are posting that you are buying new gear on a monthly basis.  For less that $20 you can own your OWN name.  Stop stalling your career and professionalize.
  3. Increase your Networth:  Your networth is only as good as your network.  Getting someone’s email address and cell number is NOT networking.  The reason is that you don’t know the person.  Having a full address book of names and numbers is not a network.  In order to network you have to think on a larger scale.  Think of yourself as an entity.  Ask for resumes and bios of those you want to seriously network with.  If they are serious about networking, they will not hesitate to send it to you.  Increasingly I see specialists with limited interaction withe others finally work with these same specialists and find out, when it is too late, that they are not qualified.  A great new year opportunity to network will be at the first ICON Summit January 20, 2013 in Atlanta, GA

Of course there are other recommendations that should be worked on but these are the top 3 that come to mind.  Honestly work on these and see how it increases your footprint.


  1. Jason Miller


    You sir are always right on, we must heed to your wisdom knowing your experience along with your visible footprint in the craft. Yes, have worked on the professional appearance #2, its 1 & 3 that I need to keep hearing, which you do very well in everything you say and do, its visible. I need those driven into my heart and soul, until I bleed this wisdom verbally and communicate/network like nothing ever before. I am overflowing with passion & tenacity for this craft until it comes to participating , or networking. I sit back and learn, not thinking my words hold any weight compared to those true communicators. I must break this shell! I know im not the only one out there that feels this way, according to your numbers there are 71 others out there that we fail to participate. I know I cannot be the silent warrior anymore, nor can I fathom the idea of being one of those trained protectors sitting at home while the untrained buddyguard is out there working, cause I do not participate/network. I thank you for embedding this wisdom into us intentionally or unintentionally. My ears are always open, eventually I will break, keep it real sir. Beat you there Jan. 20th.

    1. Eric Konohia

      You are very welcome Jason

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