A peak at how my brain processes

Ok yesterday evening while I was in the gym for the second time and doing cardio I saw on 4 of the 12 HDTV screens what appeared to be a VBLOG of Casey Anthony. I didn’t unplug my headphones from my iPod to listen however I knew that this was being pushed by the media as some level of importance.

When I returned home I searched YouTube for the video and saw at least 12 videos posted from various users titled, “Casey Anthony resurfaces in video diary”. I watched the video and listened to her words intently. She implies in the video that she’s happy to finally have something she can call her own. In fact, she says that she can finally call something “mine” that she doesn’t have to give back. The specific video I watched (Linked above) is 4 minutes and 31 seconds long. I noticed that not once did she mention her daughter in the video, and that is her choice, but I zeroed in on that. She further implies that there will be other video diaries to follow.

I then decided to watch the news coverage of this and found exactly what I expected. Every news station had either an attorney, a psychiatrist or some other behavioral specialist that they asked to dissect the video and its message. The overwhelming dissent was that there was very little remorse, and that she was prepping the country for some sort of financial opportunity. What the psychiatrist said that her lack of mentioning her daughter could be a way of her saying that she is more important now than the situation in its totality.

All things considered, I am not here to judge her,however, I can draw conclusions based on her decision to come out on the Internet coupled with the massive media blitz to put their spin on the VBLOG and here it is. If she is using a protection team, their work has just been increased. Casey Anthony was probably America’s best person to hate in 2011. Her video and the media spin will increase her hatred amongst people in our society. Something as simple as hearing a medical profession say that she is not showing remorse in conjunction with the fact that she never mentions her daughter in the video can raise the hatred level in the average person around the kitchen table. One well known TV news anchor said she counted Casey Anthony use the word “mine” over 40 times. The medical professional then stepped in and reiterated that her emphasis was on herself and never mentioning her daughter once.

Many of you are probably now seeing where I am going with this. Anthony would have never been able to meld back into society with some issues, however, her decision to make this video with the unrelenting media coverage just raised her threat level. This is how I dissect information and put it in a palatable manner for the average specialist to digest. Now ask yourself honestly, did you see it the same way?

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