A wise investment

The millions of dollars in the general fund for many states is maintained by various methods.  Fines from tickets and costs associated with many fees keep the general fund up and running.  We can alleviate the speeding fines by driving within the speed limits.  One method of them getting funds we have no way of getting around-Tolls.  The amount of tolls booths and tolls associated with traveling on highways varies from state to state.  From a protective stand point the cost is not my concern because we get that back under the reimbursed expenses section of the invoice.

Most companies make sure the drivers of the lead, primary, follow and so on have enough cash to allow for the tolls along their routes.  What I did several years back was purchase the EZ Pass membership and request 4 EZ passes.  When we have a motorcade of any sorts, I place the EZ passes in the secured package.  Just about every toll facility that I have seen has at least 1 or 2 lanes that are for passes only.  In those lanes you don’t have to stop and put the entire package in a static formation as each car pays and waits for change and a receipt.  The overall purchase of the passes is a business write off with your taxes and goes to your overall proactive mindset.

If you opt not to make the EZ pass purchase here is a suggestion I have for you.  When you assign someone to do the route advance they should have in their report the toll stops and the costs per stop.  You need to have someone go to a bank and break down the tolls to the exact penny and give that amount to every driver in the package.  The important factor here to remember is that tolls channel you and ARE choke points.  A perfectly planned attack can take place at a state managed fund raising facility.

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