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One of the most under rated, and never spoken about component of this business is the paperwork that is done well after the radios are turned off and the pig tails are tucked in your jackets.  Thursday night I got hit with a request that had me researching files 3 years old and tallying numbers on a separate spreadsheet.  Then yesterday about 2 hours before the office closed I get another call to close out a detail that just ended and send invoice immediately.  This is not a complaint at all because I know the importance of the administrative end of this business.

One of the hardest parts for any specialist to be attached to the BPI Security brand is grasping the paperwork.  My experience as a Maryland State Trooper ruined me when it comes to paperwork, but I realize the importance of it.  Let me give you and example of a typical MSP paperwork nightmare of the 80’s.  A Trooper responds to an accident [Accident report] then the car has to be towed due to inability to be driven [Vehicle report].  When you look on the seat “Plain view” you see marijuana [Criminal investigation report, Chain of custody report, drug analysis report and statement of charges].  All of this as a result of responding to an accident.

I hated the mounds of paperwork when I worked the road and it was more when I went to the Special Services Division. What I did with BPI is refined and scaled down the paperwork needed by a sub contracting company or specialist.  Where the difficulty comes in is how I want the paperwork done.  If done right by everyone, the invoice can be sent out sooner to the client and we get paid.  This is usually the hardest transition for any new BPI Specialist.  Companies subbing under me turn in an invoice and expense report with scanned back up receipts.   Specialists turn in Time reports and expense reports with scanned back up receipts.   THAT’S IT.

What I have found is that former law enforcement and tip of the sword military guys are very meticulous with their paperwork for obvious reasons.  Where the real difference is seen is on long term details where we employ a BPI Incident report to articulate any incidences on that detail.  Report writing is an art form.  What you write and how you write it makes a huge difference.  Although many people in this industry don’t feel that writing ability is important, I am here to tell you that it is.

I had started a PowerPoint presentation that I will eventually do as a webinar of administrative assistance to company owners and specialists.  The project was sidelined but I am going to put some energy back into it because there is a need for that in this industry.  I am also working on another interview that will once again open you eyes to this industry as well as expose another level of BPI’s reach.  Prior to the social media launch, MTMS, OIC and me pretty much flew under the radar and liked it that way but now that the gloves are off with the unethical and unprofessional behavior someone has to come from behind the shadows and start making some noise since the other well known experts have chosen not to do so.

I am committed to instilling professionalism one specialist at a time.

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  1. Chuck

    The paperwork never ends, does it. Had a traffic stop stop the other day where the driver bailed….ultimately leading to locating a meth lab. Talk about paperwork! I learned the importance of report writing when a defense attorney made me look like a chooch on the stand. His client was convicted, but I learned a very important lesson. If it’s not in the report, it didn’t happen. Clear, Concise, and Complete.

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