Advantage – Military

For those of my loyal blog followers it is no surprise when you hear me say that having prior military or prior law enforcement experience does not make you innately more qualified to do executive protection over someone that had neither.  They obviously bring certain training and skills that can accentuate their ability to perform under certain conditions.  One such condition – Super Storm Sandy.

One thing that cannot be taken away is the ability to prepare and work in austere conditions.  I have seen this first hand in many situations with Mark Fair, who seemingly can pack a refrigerator in a Blackhawk 3 day assault pack.  Coming from a law enforcement background I never had to manage my affairs in a fashion that I had to prepare to sustain  for days on end without the comforts of a 7-11 or a corner store.  But through the years of watching him, fold, tape, latch and tie STUFF down I have become somewhat of a bivouac billy.

If you ask any non military specialist in the industry where they learned the art of packing to self sustain [and they are honest] you will find that many of the tips they received are directly or indirectly from some military influence.  The exception to this may be those who grew up as Boy Scouts or hunters.  Even then, working in and under austere conditions comes through experience and training and I say advantage Military.

Before I end today’s blog I want to mention another phenomenon that I have witnessed between former military and non-military specialists.  That is under lodging together.  Former military guys have never complained when they had to double up in a hotel room but I have lost count of the whining from specialists that are uncomfortable with rooming with another specialist.  This advantage also applies to those former law enforcement specialists that went through a police academy where you were required to live.  For me those Pikesville accommodations lasted for 6 months and having to switch room mates every 2 months.  So in the 6 month academy I had to share a room with 3 different Trooper Probationers after growing up with my own room at home.

If you have a hard time rooming with another specialist, you may not be in the right industry because, even though we often stay at 5 and 7 Star hotels, there are those times where lodging arrangements are not what you expect.  Remember, we are there to work, not on vacation.


  1. Kevin White

    We old soldiers used to say ” pack light, freeze at night”. But always keep in mind whatever you pack….you carrying on your back. Those were the days.

  2. James Anderson

    An old Seal saying has brought me through many deployments and saved a few nights when I was on the PD….”one is none, two is one”.

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