Analyzing the attire!

When you see your principal for the first time, whether this is your first engagement or the beginning of the day of a long-term detail, the very first thing you should analyze is what they are wearing.  By the time I say, “Good morning Mr. or Ms. So-and-So” I have already looked at their attire.  Why you ask?  What they wear will determine how you will handle them if things have to go dynamic.  For the most part, male principals are limited to what they can wear that will give you difficulty in moving them in a dynamic way.  Women on the other hand bring a host of possible issues.

Dresses and skirts conflict with a tactical mindset for many specialists, but to the experienced specialist, he/she has already faced this before and knows how to handle their business.  You have to work around what you are given.  It’s foolish to think that anyone should ever part their lips to say, “Ma’am I’d rather you wear slacks everyday to your job in the event something goes wrong.”  That is absurd and has nothing to do with you expressing your expertise by suggesting a choice in clothing.  You better know how to move/evac a female regardless of what she has on.  Practice it. To me, heels pose more of an issue than a dress, especially the shoes women are wearing today.  A female principal being moved in a dynamic way with heels on cannot sustain that type of movement for an extended period of time without wobbling and even falling.

What’s the solution?  I am always for educating the principal on every level.  To that point, it is important to educate them on how you will move them so that they see, smell and taste what it feels like.  Trust me when I say that if the first time they feel that is in a bad situation, they will naturally resist due to surprise.  If a person feels you come up on them for the first time, wrap your arm around them and snap their head down, the will resist and try to pop their head up to find out what is going on.  If you don’t believe me try this.  Walk up behind a close family member and execute a evac move and see what happens.  They know who you are and will still resist.  Why?  Because it has never been done to them before.  Take that situation with someone that only knows you from the services you provide and all of a sudden they feel that same move – they are resisting momentarily where seconds count.

Look at this video and see for yourself


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