And here is the reason why

When I spoke about that initial meeting with official protection yesterday and that management personnel of the service provider should have that first exchange I want to explain the varying levels of USSS agents you will encounter.

The Presidential Protection Division protects the most powerful man in the world. That is their sole responsibility and duty.  They do not carry case loads like field agents do.  If you work an event and interact with the agents holding posts before the President gets there, you are dealing with local field office agents who are assigned to the visit.  They are almost always cordial and will engage in general conversations with you about the company you work for etc.

If you are dealing directly with a PPD agent you will find that the tone, temperature and length of the conversation is much more direct and terse.  They have no room or time for error and NONE for general banter.  The more you are known to them the more you get when you meet.  Even the most seasoned business owner will get some level of being stiff armed.  If you take that and combine it with the negative attention they have received you can almost expect an uphill battle.

If you deal with agents that are assigned to other principals, who fall under their protective scope, you will get a little more interaction than a PPD shift agent but not as much banter as the field office agents that post stand.  Its the nature of their business.  Field agents do more public interaction during investigations.  PPD Agents have one thing in mind PROTECT at all costs.

The one main ingredient for anyone reading here is – Humility.  It will get you a long way.  Even if it is your event you have to relinquish it when the President arrives.  You become the guest and even if you have some level of security responsibility in that venue for your client. Don’t lose perspective of who you are working for because you can soon be reminded that in their eyes you are a guest.  In fact, the closer you are to that middle perimeter, you will see that the Agents standing post nearby are watching you too.

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