Another one put down

With another late night and an early wake up the team is meeting to cab over to the airport and journey back to their own respective home base.

20120729-102221.jpgThe closing event last had so many moving parts along with yet another official US Government visit. Having liaised with his advance team 2 days earlier we all interacted and worked within each others shift with no problem. There were times when a few of the client’s assistants attempted bring uncleared friends back to meet and take personal photos with the government head in the green room.

The assistant had interacted with us throughout the week as we moved our principal around so when the official agents stopped him from passing e looked at me for assistance to give the agent a nod as if he was good to go. I don’t play those Mickey mouse games. This is not the “homeboy” backstage hookup at a concert and the last thing I want to do is get flagged as such.

I had a short hot-wash with Tommy to ask how he thought the detail went. He readily admitted that nothing prepared him for this specific detail. Technically from a 1 to 2 day gig stand point he experienced at least 6 types of EP gigs all in one. From a close-in standpoint to a workplace violence, he experienced it. From off the record movements to walking the streets he experienced it. In fact yesterday we did about a 4 mile trek through the streets within a crowd of followers and supporters. He witnessed having the primary and follow vehicles parallel us as we walked the humid temperatures. With our gear rigged under our shirts I was glad to see that his set up was just the way he had learned to do it.

For those of you who don’t use them you really need to get the perry suspenders and rig it to keep the weight off your belt and a much easer way to throw on all your gear on one set up.

Well no one is ashamed to say that they aren’t tired but could push trough if need be. This is the LIFE we chose and the LIFE we live. It is NOT for everyone.

As an added laugh I’ve attached this picture of this high speed low drag airport security person manning a post at the TSA check point. He was on his phone heavily engrossed in whatever he was doing not paying attention to his surroundings.



  1. James Weems

    I would like say that as one of the drivers for the security detail for this assignment, I too was impressed with the way you guys carried out the assignment. When you’re outside looking in, you don’t get the full scope of the planning and last minute adjustments that happens with protecting high value clients. Hats off to your team and a job well done

    1. Eric Konohia

      Thanks James….And I am planning to get you on next years! You’ll have to work that out with Tony because I know you’re one of his favorite drivers.

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