Answer the phone or you’ll always be home

I have talked spratically about this in the past but I want to get into it a little bit more. In this fast paced society coupled with the stress and strain of the industry needs. The average specialist that stays consistently busy is usually on the phone daily taking to his/her counterparts about opportunities, upcoming training and more often industry gossip. Yea, industry gossip is a daily meal with a huge appetite.

The constant contact of fellow colleagues is a good way to stay connected and stay informed. These relationships keep you dialed in networks that are either busy or current.

But the phone is a double edged sword. A call from a archery provider that is looking to staff a detail comes with a short fuse and shorter shelf life. If he/she leaves a message it will be short and to the point. There are not going to be alot of details other than, “I wanna know if you’re available for a detail starting on “X” date for “X” amount of days.”.

After they leave the message you are on a timer-not literally but rhetorically. Why? Because they are making more to fill the detail. Let’s say the detail calls for 5 specialists. If he/she gets that 5 before you call back, guess what? You’re staying home.

If you do get back with them before it is staffed, you have to listen to the provider. Never, ever, start the call asking questions like, “What kind of detail is it?”. “who is the client?”. And my best one, “Who am I working with?”. You either want the work or not.

Even if I was not available I would respectfully call the provider back and tell them that I wasn’t. A true professional would do so. In doing that it shows that you in fact received the call and that you still want to be on the call sign list. Ignoring the call totally is not good at all.

This is what I do. I shoot a short text message blast out to the specialists that are located in the area of the detail. “Are you available for a detail starting “X” date ending “X” date in “Y”
City and state. I need 5 total.”

I then follow that up with a separate text and phone calls to the prospective detail leaders. Once I pick the detail leader I give him/her the full detail dump. He/she now fields all the calls from the specialists who respond. I only deal with the detail leader. Chain of command resides within the ranks of BPI at all times. If there are any changes I relay them to the DL and he/she delegates the tasks.

Most of the specialists that do not answer their phone and don’t get on a detail usually have a nursery rhyme for their missed connection, “Ah man I was on the shed chasing squirrels with my tactical slingshot.”. I normally respond telling them, “you have to answer the texts and the phone.”

This is an often over looked responsibility of the specialist. Your phone, email and texts are the lifeline to work.

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