Applicable Logic Missions

A few days ago I was surfing YouTube and looking through the new videos released by my subscriptions. As I went through them I ran across a related video by former Navy SEAL David Rutherford. His channel is called Frog Logic. I am a huge fan of the Navy Spec War community and have established some sound respectful relationships whereby I interact with most of them daily. One of the key words that is used often within that community is a word you hear here and with TheMTMS is “Mindset”.

I have to be honest in saying that before I looked at the Frog Logic videos I expected some High Speed terminology and jargon. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. As I listened to the first video on Self Confidence I felt like this former Warrior was confirming everything that I have been blogging about for over a year. Mr Rutherford states in several minutes what I have been pushing for over a year. The self confidence video applies to every station in this industry, from the aspiring specialist, to the seasoned professional, company owner and school owner. His 8 mission to self confidence [which I equate to success] are:

  1. Positive Attitude
  2. PT and Healthy lifestyle
  3. Motivate yourself and others
  4. Earn Respect- respect is NOT given it is earned
  5. Set Goals
  8. Have Fun

Rutherford emphasizes the importance of Integrity and Mentoring. Sound familiar? In as much as many owners want to fight the responsibility, this video reiterates how important it is at the highest levels, so get on it. I am starting to think that there are many experts out there that don’t mentor because they are afraid to do so OR maybe their true ability is limited to the bait and switch that I spoke of.

The second video is another important factor we deal with Team Life. Protection companies are teams or at least they should be team oriented. If you find yourself in a non-team environment, you may want to really figure if you are a fit. The Team concept can never be over rated. Rutherford’s 4 missions to Team Logic are;

  1. Commitment – Extremely important in our field
  2. Training-“GOOD” never ends he says to stay away from lolly gagging training. GOOD training only!
  3. Communicate- As I have said before I will talk to anyone that reaches out to me
  4. Leadership-Everyone is a leader in their own respect

Mr Rutherford really breaks down these simple missions that are appropriate to everyday life but really apply to this industry. I tweeted these videos but felt that I would be doing a dis-service to my blog followers if I didn’t share this. I encourage you to watch these videos over and over until it sinks in and you understand how it applies to your success as a specialist or company owner, Get committed today.

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