Are you compliant or complacent?

In order to operate legally in the state of Virginia you MUST be licensed company in the specific sector of security services you provide. Individuals who provide the service for the licensed company must also be licensed to provide those services as well.

One of the other requirements that the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) has is that each licensed company must have a licensed compliance agent. The compliance agent is required to make sure that the licensed company meets all regulations operationally and administratively. The registered compliance agent is the go-to person between DCJS and the security company. He/she is also the fall guy if sanctions are levied due to improprieties. A company can have as many compliance agents as they want but only one is registered with DCJS for that company.

BPI has a compliance agent call-sign Disco yet I am also a compliance agent as well. Today I am attending my required compliance agent in-service class. They give you several dates to attend. When you renew your compliance license in-service school attendance is required to complete the renewal.

If other states followed this model there would be thousands of people looking for a new career. Untrained/unlicensed seems to be an acceptable part of the EP menu. In this week’s BPI YouTube announcement I am going to address another rather scary and annoying pop up on the EP industry web. A blatant and outright unprofessional and unethical practice.

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