Are you familiar with the 5220.20

So you have in your possession a “Legal” Class III weapon and you want to travel outside your home state to do whatever it is that you do. Just because you have the ATF form with the stamp that’s not good enough. The formed must be completed even if you plan to leave your state and come back within a day. There is also a section for transport and no return as well.

That ATF form with that pretty stamp only allows you to legally possess that machine gun, or SBR in your state. In order to legally transport that toy out of your registered state you must compete 2 signed copies of the ATF 5220.20 form and mail it in. Wait, you’re not done yet. You must receive one copy back to transport with the weapon. Mailing one in is not sufficient evidence of permission.

Upon receipt I always make a copy of that and staple it to a copy of my stamped form and place them in my pelican with my SBR. I keep the originals in my possession. Often times TSA inspectors will find them irresistible to fondle the weapon like a 13 year old going through puberty.

In as much as I can I always eyeball my pelican and case until it is re-secured with my personal master locks. While I am on the lock subject I NEVER secure my pelican with an approved TSA lock. Those locks are not worth the $4.00 they cost and surely not good enough to secure a +$1,000 weapon. When I hand over the case to the TSA personnel I then unlock the case, oversee the inspection, and make sure they lock it back.

As you can tell by the blog topic I am traveling today and wanted to share the knowledge in the ATF form. No sense losing your weapon, or Class III license for flying dirty.

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