Are you keeping your client’s abreast of threats

A few months ago during the Occupy Wall Street issue I made a recommendation to everyone that you should keep your clients abreast of current events that could effect them, their staff as well as their colleagues.  Over the past week the incident of the underwear spy story hit the news and was the top story for a couple days.  My question is this, “Did you take advantage of the news and send a briefing to your clients?”  That was a perfect opportunity to reach out to them and give them your expert opinion on how the event could affect them.

The correspondence could have been as simple as a summary of the event to show them that you are constantly looking out for their safety.  I would bet that 99% of the readers and most of the specialists and even company owners did NOTHING.  They let the story innundate the air waves with no concern of their client base and the opportunity that a simple letter could have been further forwarded to your client’s colleagues.

For those of you who are sitting at home waiting on the phone call for the next detail, you could have crafted a letter of this incident and sent it to the security providers that you are trying to court in order to get in their network and rise to the top of their call-out list.  If a proactive mindset is what we claim to work from, then a proactive mindset has to be in working order 24/7.  Stop sleeping on post and “seize those moments” in order to seize the day.  I am giving you a golden nugget here that will separate you from any other specialist, and any other security provider.  I did it and the results were great.  The blog I wrote yesterday, “What do you want from the EP Industry?” was clear and maybe you don’t know what you want.  But this is what the EP Industry wants and demands of its people.

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