Attention to detail or attend to the tail?

I have started presenting scenarios on the NABA facebook page based on personal experiences that I have encountered in the past. I try to encourage members to stick to the facts written in the scenario and tell me what they would do in that same situation. Time after time members seemingly add their own special sauce to the scenario in order to answer the real life situation in their own way. I have my own explanation why this is done but I will save that for another blog. Rather can criticize what the driver of the follow car did I was looking for a solution with the situation. Where are the thinkers today?

At any rate I got a direct message from someone that wanted to question why I would use 5 specialists on a low threat detail and that he would do it with less. I never responded to his direct message but I will encourage him to read the blog and get it. The number of specialists was dictated by the CFO at the time of the statement of work. I advised him that based on the protective intelligence report we could effectively do the job with less personnel and save them money. Note here- I will always opt to save a client money if I can. Client’s will respect any company that looks after their money as well as their personal safety. Ask around and you will find many companies that have lost big contracts due to price gouging and over pricing.

My point is this: Why is it hard for so called specialists to pay attention to detail and not add special seasonings to feel comfortable in their answers. I’d rather a person answer and be totally wrong than to make the situation fit for yourself. Is this the standard of the industry? The other thing I have come to realize is that the more complex the scenario is the fewer amount of internet high speed warriors show up. I want to personally thank Darryl Biggs, Raffaele DiGiorgio, Mark James and Ben Alozie who have consistently knocked it out of the park.


  1. Raffaele Di Giorgio


    It is us, that thank you for taking the time to mentor, challenge and giving of yourself. In this day and time, who among us ever has enough time in the day to get everything done. Let alone put the time into mentoring and giving back in a way that does not have a dollar sign attached.

    I am well aware that all of us have to make money. But it is refreshing to see the ones that put out helping without any expectation than to make all of us better.

    By no means am I saying to give away the store for free. But it is refreshing to see guys and girls that are willing to put their money where their mouth is. Instead of constantly spewing, take my course, read my book or buy my DVD.

    Anyone of these SME’s was to contribute to a discussion, with more than come to my lecture and I would probably buy their book, CD, video or whatever else their selling.

    Anyway keep it up.Great job

    1. Eric Konohia

      Thanks Raffaele.

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