Bait and catch

The industry is full of specialists that are eager to build their training platforms.  On the other hand there are many training facilities that are wording their programs to lure you in with catchy phrases and verbiage in the course description.  Take for instance the martial arts platform, there is NO such thing as executive protection martial arts or any discipline that is more efficient than others.  Everyone is going to Krav Maga schools now but the problem is that they are giving those Krav Maga instructor certs  out like bubble gum.

Schools of all shapes and sizes are popping up with specialized training to suit your specific need, Thats the bait.  Most specialists that don’t know any better fall for the verbage, price and location coupled with the ultimate draw- a familiar name.  That is not to say that the course isn’t worth going to, but are you really getting what you think you are getting.  Let’s talk about weapons training.  The course may say EP weapons training but are you getting offensive or defensive EP weapons training.  There’s a difference and taking one could put you in the wrong mindset when you are actually working a detail. 

The issue here is that most EP “Gucci” courses are not regulated so the instructors can put anything together.  States like Virginia regulate what an EP course must have in order to operate as a training school.  This theory assumes that all VADCJS PPS card holders have the same baseline training- Yea try again.  It is the Gucci classes that worry me the most because many of them have great intent but does it really help with the total package of the specialist.

I see this more so an issue with the weapons training.  Tactical Handgun, tactical rifle, combat handgun, combat rifle are pretty much all self explanatory.  Executive Protection handgun?  Is this a shoot no shoot course?  Are we shooting in and around other people.  Are we bounding?  I know what our course has in it and 100% is drawn from over 50 years of experience, talking to other well respected professionals and making sure the end result gives the student what he/she really needs.  Before you even start the practical side of the course you have to pass the CSAT quals.  Better start going to the range now.

This blog wasn’t intended to be about any specific training but just training as a whole.  I am looking at websites daily and reading the crafty course descriptions.  It’s not my duty to tell you what course to stay away from but it is my duty to advise you to shop wisely.

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