Security was not alone this time. Some blame all over.

So here we go again. According to news reports the security assigned to the rap artist Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce at Manhattan’s Lenox Hill Hospital maternity ward made the news because they barred other parents access to the floor.

Stories have indicated that the rap artist and his wife paid in excess of 1 million dollars to secure an executive suite in the maternity wing and not the entire floor that was reported. It seems money really can get you anything. One thing is for sure, money can’t buy you is common sense.

In as much as I am constantly getting on untrained bodyguards or security, they weren’t alone on this one. There should have been clear rules given to Mr and Mrs Z as to what their money would allow them to do and not do. Part of me thinks that the money clouded hospital officials judgement and the celebrity of it all may have allowed the bodyguards or hired security freedom to roam amidst the maternity ward. No matter how you cut it, it was sad.

With the amount of money they have, they could have rented a private facility. Either way, no matter how much money you spend it is no excuse to be rude nor unprofessional. I don’t think that any effort was put in logistics nor was there any check and balances with the security assigned. No one can convince me that anyone said that newborn parents were unauthorized to enter the maternity ward.

So here’s what we have. Notable parents looking bad after throwing cash around that ultimately stopped parents from seeing their own children. As of today one of the parents that were denied access stated that they were told by the unknown security personnel that the hospital was allegedly moving hazardous waste at the time the father tried to enter the maternity ward. Ok, I am not an expert in hospitals but it seems that as many times I have visited hospitals I have never been denied access on any floor due to hazardous waste being moved. Common sense convinces me that there is another mode of transporting any hazardous waste within the hospital that would not endanger visitors or patients.

The parents stated that they received a call from the hospital apologizing for the incident. The only time you apologize is when you are either trying to sequester the information or some sort of damage control. In that call they never denied that it didn’t happen. Where there is smoke, there is fire. In the end the Z’s will survive the news however the hospital will take the hit with the negative publicity. In the middle of all if this is the word-Personal Security.

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