BPI Father’s Day tribute

I want to make today’s blog short so that those of us who are daddy’s can be recognized for what we have done and continue to do.  There are experts, leaders and specialists that are working today.  On a day that will pass with very little fanfare, nor ostentatious display of appreciation.  The street corners do not have peddlers selling flowers or big balloons.  While you are working every principle of the protection sphere, there is no doubt that some of you who are protecting principals who will be attending breakfast, lunch or dinner with their families who will show their appreciation of him as a father.  Yet we stand in the gap ready to ensure their safety at all costs.

Today will come and go for many of us who have experienced it before and yet the simple text, email or direct message from a family member or friend charges your spirit to “Go On” and to know that it is all worth it.

So for all the Father’s out there that are in the front right seat, doing halls and walls, curbside waiting for the arrival, or standing some remote post-HAPPY FATHER’s Day from BPI SECURITY.

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