BPI security & The MTMS hangout

On a date later to be determined this week I will host the second “open door” program that i started earlier this year with Mark Fair, President of The MODAD Threat Management Solution (TheMTMS. I started this open door program earlier this year using Webex where I allowed people in the industry to video conference with us and talk about anything relating to both of our companies. Since the launch of Google+ hangout the program can be easily accessed.

I am leaning towards this Friday, June 1, 2012 but will confirm through my social media channels this week. In the meantime you’ll have to circle me in google+ and once I get the notification I will put you in my security circles. This open door hangout will only be available to my security circles so that I can manage who is in with us.

You can ask us anything except client specific questions. Outside of that I am open to everything else. I will have access to my files in the event you want to see NDA’s, non solicitation agreements Et al.

I encourage those of you who are looking to ask Mark about training to jump in. As I have mentioned before, Mark was the Vance agent that pulled me out of the gatehouse of the Saudi Ambassador’s detail and put me on my first close-in detail back when people were transitioning from pagers to cell phones, hahahahahaha. He became the managing director of executive protection and training for Vance international and had trained proprietary teams across the globe as well as lone wolves in the private sector. He is definitely someone you’d want to talk to if you’re looking to attend a second EP course or your first course. He and I can tell you what you need to look for when choosing a course.

So, come one, come all and tell your friends the doors to BPI and TheMTMS will be open this week.

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