BPI Security’s “Top 10 secrets to building client relationships”

Yesterday I completed my personal Top 10 secrets to building client relationships which I will release soon.  Every business owner has his/her own method of building client relationships and so do I.  What I did was looked at the top 10 thngs I do with each client that I have mainatined a solid relationship with over the years and compiled the list for you.  The best part about the whole thing is that I am giving them to you for FREE.

As a disclaimer, these Top 10 tips do not address how to target clients but rather how to build a relationship with any client that you are dealing with.  I have compiled a methodology on how to target new clients however I have not decided how to deliver that package.  This newest release is for ALL company owners and independents that are trying to build and ultimately maintain those key relationships to stay on their minds.

If you go back to day-1 of this blog you can read how much emphasis I place on client relationships and maintaining them.  Clients are the bloodline and  life source to the industry.  For an Executive Protection school, the individual student or proprietary team is their client base.  How they market their schools on their success is what builds their seat count.  Once you exit that school door, the real work starts.  Networks come and go and live and die by the client base.  If you are attached to a network that has no solid client foundation you [specialist] rarely get a call to work.  The network is stale because there is no solid client based realtionships within the security provider’s phone book or email list. Fostering those relationships is even more important now that the economy has been stressed.  Since the fall of the economy structure I can honestly say that BPI has not lost a client due to the financial stress.  In fact, BPI has never lost a client due to lack of engagement on our part.  I have had a client stolen in the past and immediately learned from where I went wrong.  In 30 days that client called me literally begging for me to come back.  In that 30 days I toiled over the mistake I made and pledged to never make it again.  That mistake is listed on the “Top 10 secrets to building client relationships”.

To qualify this list let me self indulge myself for a minute.  In this year’s Fortune Magazine top 500 list – BPI mainatains solid contracts and/or relationships with 7 out of the first 20 in the list and over 30 in the top 100.  This equates to work and my success is NOT from sitting back and waiting for the next call nor is it about not putting forth a solid effort to service and cater to their needs.   I promise you that these Top 10 secrets are implemented with each and every one.  I do not use 5  of the tips for some clients and 7 for others.  I implement this system with each of them.  It is a time tested and proven system for me.  It is based off of years of experience that includes mistakes I have made and how I learned from them.

The majority, if not all of my clients have come to me through recommendations of a solid relationship that I have built with an existing client.  That’s not a secret because I have said it before.  I have never sent out a mailer and I have never made a cold call.  The only calls I make are HOT calls, which are follow-up calls after a recommendation has been made and the new potential client wants to talk.  I always tell people that if I get someone on the phone I can convince them quickly if they really need our services.  That said, I have had conversations in the past where I was honest with them and told them that they did not need executive protection.  Before you pull your hair out understand this:  This craft relies on ethical behavior and I refuse to sell anyone a service that they do not need for the sake of making 1 red cent.  “I’d rather turn down $5 than to bankrupt my reputation”.  That’s another Eric Konohia quote that you can use-LOL!  I have also initiated calls where I have passed the potential client off to another service provider that I thought could provide the services they needed.  In those cases I built 2 relationships: 1-providing a client need and 2-supplying a service provider with a client.

Other companies have their own secrets to client relationship success but these are the ones that I use and I am sharing them for FREE.  Keep your eyes open and ready for the release this week.

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