BPI self check

I wanted to take a break from the ordinary blog concept to do a self check today and reaffirm what this blog was intended for and to make sure that I am providing my devoted subscribers with the same.

When I launched the blog my focus was to make sure that my position on the industry, the craft was clear, distinct and succinct. I have my own personal view of where the industry has evolved and where it is going. In closely looking at that I didn’t like what I saw. I am sure that when I entered the industry as (what we referred to then) a Vance agent, I am sure that the old grizzled vets had their own disdain of where we were, but no one was vocal about it. Since that time I have watched leaders like Chuck Vance gallop off into sunset, only to take a periodic glance back.

I came out the gates swinging the bat ferociously without any care. Once the voice was established I shifted into “solution” mode. Giving a common sense approach at proper training, proper training selection, order of training and every now and again I would give a personal approach to operational considerations with the 1-2-3 and 4 man protection details.

I’ve checked myself today to make sure that my focus has not deviated and that I am continually delivering a clear message regardless of how painful it may sound. One of the programs I implemented was the BPI SCAB alert. SCAB is an acronym I started meaning security counterfeiting as bodyguard. I have no room for these selfish individuals who, by their own volition commit the most egregious violation in this industry – violating a client/principal’s privacy. That is one of the core principles of the silent professional. I have evolved in may ways but I will never back down from exposing these jerks.

The blog gave birth to the monthly newsletter that reaches specialists and clients and teaches protection awareness to both sectors in the same correspondence. I am pleased with it’s response.

Since the onset I have re-thought my position on a couple things. Most recently I attended my first conference, where in the past I thought they were a waste of time unless you didn’t mind paying a premium to network. This year, I not only attended, but I assisted Larry Snow of SJC Web Design and The Business of Security, in pushing the conference. I posted updates during and critiqued the conference afterwards to keep my reader base informed.

The blog has aligned me with very influential leaders in the industry like Tony Scotti, Frank Gallagher, and Elijah Shaw. And through those relationships the list is exponentially bigger. Through this leadership base the BPI voice has been able to reach people globally.

After this self check I have come to a conclusion. There is much more work, networking and uplifting to do. Get the message out because WE’ve only scratched the surface.

I appreciate all of you who have pushed the message. Keeping getting the word out about the blog, the newsletter, YouTube channel, @twitter.

Lastly, if there is anything that you would like for me to write about send me a note to ekonohia@bpigroupusa.com. AND for the first time I am going to extend the opportunity to anyone with writing skills to write in a new feature I will be starting where I will allow colleagues to populate the weekend blogs.

Thanks again

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