Buyer Beware of security investments

Once again there was a topic that was started yesterday on the NABA site on facebook that centered around how do you stay away from companies, specialist etc in the industry. I mentioned that in this industry there is no Buy Beware central site or otherwise that can forewarn any prospective client, specialist to stay away from.

The subject matter entails so much subjectivity regarding why me, you and anyone else would consider a person or company to be on such a list. Clearly we all have our own set of standards that we set when we attend a school, work for a company or work with other specialists. The problem is that what you consider as buyer beware may not reach my standards or visa versa.

There was an attempt to get specialists to start naming names and for that reason alone I left the strand because I do not feel that any social media format is the proper place to air out anyones dirty laundry nor do I feel that any conversation is worth getting into a verbal altercation. If there is any topic that will do that it is if someone says that they attended XYZ school and it was a waste of time or I worked for ABC company and they took over 60 days to pay me. There are way too many factors that can arise from this unnecessary approach.

I personally have a list of “Specialists” [term used loosely] that have burned me y stealing clients, ruined details with complaining all the time, as well as never reporting for duty on time. I have used guys in the past that have left the detail because they needed to get somewhere at a certain time and felt if they left when they were supposed to, that they would be late. I don’t air their dirty laundry because in the end I feel that it would reduce my credibility. How I deal with that is simple- I don’t use them anymore and they are not in my network. If they call and inquire about work I am cordial but that is the extent of it. Many of them feel that I have a short memory or that the incident was a one time deal. But for me, burn me once- it’s on you. Burn me twice, it’s on me.

We don’t and should not have the luxury of having the wall of shame that Don Shipley has for the Fake SEAL’s. If I am asked by a trusted company owner or specialist about a person or company I am very careful about how I impart my feelings but at the end of the conversation they know where I stand.

Let’s be careful with that.

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