Calling all EP’s wayward sons & daughters this way

Over the last week or so I have been keeping a keen eye on the conversations, posts and questions being asked.  In short, the majority of what I see are specialists looking for direction.  Every now and again a non tactical topic would appear to break the ice but for the most part men and women [mostly men] are looking for direction.  This is where I see the disconnect from successfully completing your EP training and where the rubber meets the road.

In as much as I applaud the increased interaction from new people, it is clear that the chasm between the specialists who have protection details under their belt and those looking for their maiden voyage is vast.  Then there is a wider gap between senior specialists that have extended experience in the industry and those who have worked sparingly.  That middle group [journeymen] are the focus of this blog.  Unless you are attached to a credible and established network you will find yourselves meandering from one journeyman to the other seeking answers to code of the craft.  You are finding solace and comfort in colleagues of like attainment.  Your journey, which is mostly filled with looking for answers can lead you astray and strewn across areas off your original chosen path.  As I stated in last week’s announcement, the experts and leaders are very clear amongst you, however if you continually look for answers from those who are struggling like you [misery loves company] you will never get ahead.

Today, I hosted the second “BPI Security Open Door” through Google+ Hangout with Mark Fair of The MODAD Threat Management Solution.  To reiterate what I posted for a week, the open door program is an opportunity to ask me and Mark – ANYTHING about the industry except client specific questions.  The Hangout started at 1300 promptly with me Chad Duke, Jocelyn Ramos, Josh Lee, Larry Snow [SJC Web Design LLC and The Business of Security] and Mark Fair.  A few questions were asked but the conversation fluctuated between training, ethic, professionalism, branding and marketing and women in the industry.  When it comes to women in the industry I wrote a blog on November 7, 2011 about the power of women in protection and the lack thereof.  I personally feel that women are wired moreso to protect than men are, yet the numbers are scarcely low.  Moreover, the core group of the female population the industry are populated moreso in a specific region.  I have a theory as to why and will write on that later.  Jocelyn is one of these women.  Her self esteem remains confident amongst a group of A & B type personalities.  There are many of these female specialists out there.  Jocelyn regularly attends the hangouts and has input in the conversation.  To break the ice I am going to host an upcoming FEMALE ONLY Hangout to discuss their issues with the industry.  Get the word out to all of the women in the industry.

The turnout from specialists that I know are trying to find their way was disappointingly low.  I don’t want to start assuming why, but I am hoping it is not because you feel your questions are not important.  Surely it can’t be because you have all the answers.  If that is the case send me in that direction so I can learn too.  Disappointed or not, this door remains open for EP’s wayward sons & daughters.  Take the first step and I will meet you halfway.

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