Can you change a NO to a compromising yes?

I had a conversation with someone that was refreshing in that I realize that our experiences have had parallel tracks in our careers. When he told me of a story where a client had made their minds up about wanting to do something that, in your better judgement you felt was not ideal, a No turned into a compromising Yes in the end. Both parties, the principal and the security provider get what they want and in the end there is a WIN for us. I shared a similar story where the client rep was adamant about using a non vetted element with a contingent on board our trip. All along I was pushing for another solution even though I was not responsible for the extra personnel on the trip.

He/She made the final decision to use an unvetted resource, however I made it clear that I was not responsible for their team. The very next day as we motorcaded to an official event, her new team was not allowed on the property where the event was being held for political reasons. In the meantime I had already had a plan in place in the event that his/her abrupt solution did not work. Even though, his/her initial response to me adding additional BPI resources was squashed, he/she compromised after their plan fell apart.

Keep in mind that you will meet alot of resistance on even the most sound recommendations. It will be up to you to decide whether you will plan around the resistance or give up ground. Sometimes the most absolutes in this industry is a simple solution. For those of you who work on the premise, “It’s my way or the highway” more than often you will find yourselves on the roadway to nowhere waiting for the phone to ring.

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