Can you put aside you political, religious and racial differences and still Protect?

I have had some deep conversations with company owners, experts, and leaders surrounding any issues they may have had working for any client or principal that they have differing political, religious or even racial [racial]differences with.  In order to work in this industry and make a comfortable living doing it we have to be apolitical, non denominational, and racially sensitive to all of our beliefs if we want the work.  That is not to say that you have to change any of your core beliefs.

If a person has any bias towards a principal based on any of the above, can he/she truly dismiss those feelings and honestly say, ” I will give my life for him/her regardless of the way I feel about the political decision they made that affected my family, the religious stand they have towards my personal beliefs or the color of their skin?”  That is a tough question everyone has to come to grips with.  We all have core beliefs based on our matriculation in life as well as those that have influenced us to believe a certain way.  Whether I believe in the same thing you believe in or not, the only belief that matters is that you can separate those things and remain true to the job at hand.

I have contracted with, worked for and under principals that fall under each of these categories.  I remain neutral no matter what they have said in the past.  I had one individual say, “Eric you are different than the rest of them.”  The rest of WHO? [I said to myself].  In all honesty, that bothered me more than the way I knew this person felt about an entire group.  But rather than let that gain traction, I also realized at that instant, I had garnered some “warped” relationship with that individual that could help my purpose.

The industry is filled with differing belief systems, with some people more vocal than others.  I find people on a daily basis posting articles and comments that can easily be surmised as a non traditional professional position on their personal pages and accounts, yet come back to the professional pages and put the “I am a professional EP Sepcialist” hat on.  I have a high tolerance for just about everything except nonsense and I am as quick to call BS when I see it, and smell it.

If you fall in the category that cannot truly separate yourself from the job, you may have to re-evaluate it.  Now, I can fully respect someone that says, “I cannot be a part of this detail because of X.”  Whether I agree with your rationale or not, I have to respect that as a man or woman you stepped up and removed yourself rather than chase the money, knowing you would not really be in it 100%.

I thought about this about a week ago when I read something on someone’s personal Facebook page and I said to myself, I wonder if the person that he is working for knows how he really feels about the person he is protecting, because I do.

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