Career day

So today I will be doing the career day at my son’s school.  I have a e fold board with several pictures, props such as radios, lapel pins, and flash light.  I will be presenting to grades 4 through 12.  I realize that the level of understanding will vary so with the lower grades I will be using them to particpate in a couple formations to understand certain things.  Talking to a auditorium of 9 year old kids about protection will be a tough crowd but I have a plan for those little guys and girls.

The older group will be right before and after lunch, so I will be facing growling stomachs and the death hour [that hour right after lunch].  What do I hope they get today?  The difference between their perceived idea of a bodyguard and what an executive protection specialist is.  I also will stress the importance or continued education in whatever field they choose.

I am sure that there will be many questions about who I have protected and that will be the time that they will get the non disclosure speech.  The irony of today is that there is a bit of nervousness because I am in many ways representing my son and not representing BPI. My son has been very discreet with telling his friends throughout his school years what it is that his father does so today will be a “coming out” of sorts for him as well.  I have already prepped him for the after action questions that he will get when today is over and done and he is well prepared to fall back into OPSEC mode.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Lawrence Snow

    Good luck Eric!

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