Choose your poison. I mean position!

I like to pose questions and make statements that provoke the brain housing group to wake up and respond.  When I see posts like, “What’s your favorite duty weapon?” There is no thought provocation in someone expressing their own choice.  You can almost guarantee within 5 responses a full blown argument on what is the best weapon to use.  This is a waste of time to me as well as some of the other industry leaders that I have spoken to.

The blog is mostly one man’s [happens to be mine] opinion on various aspects of the C.R.A.F.T. that I have based on experiences, lessons learned and mistakes that I have made.  I’d like to think that from the comments that I have shared just another way of looking at how we perform and operate.  That being said I often post scenarios to see how specialists think, work through a situation and define their process.  I often put a request that each person do not add anything into the scenario.  I do that because I find that people want to cater the scenario to best fit their response.  For instance if I said that a client specifically requests a RED SUV for every detail and will not allow us to use another color. We seem to always have surveillance when we protect this client.  How would you handle this situation?  Rather than deal with the surveillance issue there are some that would focus on getting the client to change the colors.  That said, I want to try a scenario here on the blog first then push it to the social media side and compare responses.  Here it is:

Let’s say I am staffing a detail in the US for a principal with a verified medium threat established through a comprehensive threat and vulnerability assessment. For the very first time when I call you I give you the choice of what position you want to work on the detail.

Positions available are:

Detail leader
Assistant detail leader
Protection specialists
Lead advance specialist
Protective intelligence specialist
Command post specialist

Which position would you request and WHY? Then tell me what you know are the responsibilities of that position to convince me to assign you that billet.



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  1. bob steadman

    Protective. It is more in line with mt skill set. While I would probably qualify for team leader I think I’d be more effective as a reqular team member as I’d have my full attention on the principal. Duties: Keep aware of possible impending threats and avoid possible situations before they happen. Protect principal at all times until I am relieved.

    1. Eric Konohia

      Thanks Bob. I can always appreciate someone that knows they strengths

  2. jamillercps

    Protection specialist: this is where my mindset and training has me at the moment, though I have not earned my stripes or TRUST, therefore would also start as a CP specialist in order to do so. Getting back on track here, choice is protection specialist because this is who I am and what I do.

    Responsibilities: gather and review all intel from AS/PIS such as client profile, the threat & vulnerability assessments (research the threat itself and become & think like the threat), risk assessment, know clients itinerary (destinations, routes, alternate routes, all safe havens, site surveys), put together plan of actions (from beginning of 1st movement til the very end of final movement), recommendations to and from the rest of the team.

    Provide complete coverage for the clients safety from any/all physical threat as well any/all possible embarrassing situations, as a team. Taking my orders from the DL / ADL / TO.

    1. Eric Konohia

      Thanks for your comment Mr Miller. You’re well on your way to move to the next level

  3. 4773

    Greeting Mr. Konohia,
    This is a brain teaser for me unfortunately, being new to the industry I don’t know all the responsibilities of each position. The position that I would request is Protection specialists for this assignment. The protection specialist is the primary contact for the principal during the assignment. This position should coordinate and review any itinerary, route plans, advances, and also ensure that the principal is safe from harm.
    My background includes over fifteen years of law enforcement with primary duties being investigative and executing high risk search warrants. With my law enforcement background I’m able to review itineraries and route plans in detail. Also with my tactical background I’m able to perform during a stressful situation. During my law enforcement career I have attended over twenty accredited training courses. Some of the courses that would be beneficial to this detail would be Field Tactical Patrol Ops, Cultural Diversity, Deviant Group, Movement, Cults and Religions, and S.W.A.T School. With the schools listed I’m able to appreciate the different cultures that could be associated with the principal as well as possibly indentifying and warning signs of deviant group behavior in the area. With the attendance of the tactical schools it has allowed me to understand the importance of maintaining 360 degree coverage of the principal in moving them off the x in a harmful situation.
    My background also includes management experience at Sears Holdings as an Asset Protection Manager with supervising over 80 store employees. Additionally, I was a criminal investigator for the Chattanooga Housing Authority working in public housing overseeing approximately 100 contract city police officers while maintaining a relationship with the residents. With this experience I’m able to manage and multi task assignments that are associated with being the protection specialist.
    My EP training includes Icon Close Protection Course which focuses in the following areas: Protecting the Principal (Individual & Team), Security Advance & Threat Assessments, Vehicle Movements, Unarmed Combat & Weapons Retention, and Firearms Familiarization & Training. My educational credentials include a Bachelor of Science Degree in business as well as a Masters in Business Administration. Thank you for in advance for any consideration you may offer.

    1. Eric Konohia

      Mr Greene thanks for your response. As a protection specialist you would have some contact with the principal but remember the primary contact with the principal is the detail leader.

      On a solo detail as a protection specialist you would definitely be the primary contact all day every day. But in a team dynamic the DL is. Just some food for thought.

      Shoot me your bio for further consideration

      1. Curtis Greene

        Thank you Mr. Konohia for your response. I’m currently working on the bio.

  4. Darryl

    Protective Intelligence-
    To conduct an investigation to prevent an attack on a principle.
    Gather and Assess information on a group or individual’s that have the interest, motive, intention, and capability of mounting an attack.

    Interviewing skills/ techniques
    Records research including DMV records, Court records, social media, verbal and written statements, etc.
    Photographs and video to include vehicles, plates, meets and individuals
    Physical descriptions and vehicle markings
    Locating perches that may be used to conduct surveillance against the principle
    Analytical skills
    Behavioral skills
    Liaison capabilities with Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Intelligence Agencies.
    Foot and Mobile Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance techniques
    Situation Awareness to include attention to the groups or individual’s motives, attack related behaviors which may include family, social issues, work, community, mental health, criminal and civil court issues.
    Stalking issues

    This information should be in a short, concise and accurate report, passed to the DL to disseminate to the team. Once a surveillance/ counter-surveillance team is emplaced to surveil the group or individual, all movement should reported to the CP to track and report accordingly.

    Depending on the situation, you will conduct an overt or covert surveillance to monitor the group or individual’s and to intervene, as appropriate, to prevent an attack.

    1. Eric Konohia

      There is no doubt that you have this slot nailed down

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