Commitment and reputation – one in the same

Last night I spoke to a service provider that I have worked with in the past who responded to yesterday’s blog about Jonathan Castro.  In short, he was rather upset, scratch that, he was pissed about specialists that say they will work a detail and then pull out or come up with a made up lame excuse why they cannot work.  Really? That actually happens in this industry?  You damn skippy it does and these people are the worst.

You finagle your way into some level of our network where we put your information on our call-out list.  When the opportunity presents itself and we call you are excited and commit to the detail.  Somewhere between our call to you and when we call you back with the details of the gig you suddenly have to drive across country to get a very rare and special baby formula.  Maybe a little exaggerated but you get the point.

Some of these same specialists will post, “I am available anywhere, anytime” and yet they know that is not true but it sounds good, yet deceitful.  These are the same people that claim they want to work overseas and complain about lodging here in the states.  You have no idea what it feels like to rest your head in a place like Mamba Point.  Rats the size of raccoons, a non existent electric grid and a place where you cannot even trust the ice in your diet coke.  But yet, you say anywhere, anytime.  I’d rather you be honest and say you’d like to review the circumstances and make a decision because the bougie side of you will not allow you to live below YOUR standards.  News Flash – we do NOT always stay at the Burl al Arab or the Hotel de Paris in Monaco.  Sometimes you may have to sleep in a Days Inn.  You know why?  It’s simple, we are there for work and NOT your personal vacation trip.  Now back to my point.

For those of you who are very particular about the “Kind” of detail you will only work, let me say this: “Choosey people choose to stay home.”  The executive protection industry has expanded beyond the close in personnel protection sphere.  Clients  are choosing the “Executive” level of service that they won’t get from our brothers who provide uniform security.  This is NOT a knock against them however due to the expanding scope of services that we deliver now, uniform security companies are not teaching to that level of engagement.  So if you are a close-in ONLY specialist, do NOT sell yourself as an anywhere and anytime operator

It is UNETHICAL to commit to a provider and take another offer even if the pay is higher.  If you tell the second provider you have already committed to another detail, they will understand, at least they should.  They’ll call back because they know that you are a highly sought after specialist, But if you are a troller and keep committing until the right price comes by, your career will be short because the word will get out about you quick, fast and in a hurry.

Commitment is key to your reputation.  When you get labeled as untrustworthy no one will work with you.

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  1. Billy Martin

    You nailed it on the head. I have been doing EP for 5 years and I cannot tell you how many flaky “specialist”. When you do get that call you better be available if you claim to be “always available”. If not, there are 20 specialist behind you who will be and guess what, you aren’t getting a call back anytime soon. It is simple, if you are serious about this career and or trying to get in good with a company, be there, be ready, don’t complain about anything and NO EXCUSES!! Nobody wants to hear them. If you can pass the trial period and prove yourself, there will be dinner on the table daily!

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