Competence or Confidence

Competence-possession of required skill, knowledge, qualification or capacity.

Confidence-full trust; belief in powers; belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities.

I am touching on these 2 important words because I see that there is a chasm in the industry between the 2.  I want to start the blog off by asking the question:  What is more important, competence or confidence?  I think we all agree that if a person possesses both qualities he/she is cranking out on all 8 cylinders.  I believe that a person, who has competence in this industry and lacks confidence in him/her self, is holding themselves back.  We witness this everyday on the NABA site.  I personally know of people who have overflowing competency in this CRAFT yet lack the confidence in posting a comment or starting a topic.  What do they do instead?  They email me their responses to my blogs or posts on other sites.  Their responses are cogent and exude competence yet lack confidence by hiding in the shadows.  Confidence is a character trait.

The worse type of confidence is not “Lack” of confidence but “False” confidence.  That is when someone exudes all the typical traits of being confident yet lacks the competence to back it up.  The statement, “All details should be armed” is a very confident statement yet it lack the competence of the reality of the industry and laws.  There is a desire for so many specialists in the industry that want to check that “sandbox” box in their careers and they are confident that they can excel based on their EP training.  That is false confidence coupled with incompetency- a dealdy mixture.

We can measure competence in many ways.  We can test you, or watch you as you perform duties and in doing so we can see how confident you are in performing the task.  The same goes for those who are confident about their skill-set.  As we observe you we can determine your competency.  As I mentor specialists I push them to be more confident in themselves by the way I require them to do certain things.

Most of you have followed the way I high-lited one of the people I mentored.  His competency is far more advanced than his confidence in himself.  What I did was put in a position to have to get outside of himself in a place where he had to put both of us on the stage.  I purposely gave him a site to advance on his own and present the advance to the team unabated.  I told him to give the advance without using the words, basically and um.  As he focused on the words that he couldn’t say he spewed the advance without a hitch.  At the end I asked him further questions in front of the group that he answered with confidence.  He looked outside of himself and lack of confidence and spoke from his competence. 

So what’s better?

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