Compliance Agent license renewal complete-new possibilities for VA-PPS

I traveled about an hour to get to the Rapphanock Criminal Justice Academy to attend my four hour in-service requirement for the compliance agent license renewal.  The in-service session was given by the DCJS department head who did a great job going over new policies and upcoming changes.

Of these possible changes one stood out that will make all of you individual licensed personal protection specialists [PPS].  They are looking into having a “business like” license for individual PPS license in order for specialists to contract with companies and get paid through a 1099.  You will still not be able to have a direct contractual agreement with a client however, with this “business like” license you will be able to legally work as an independent contractor.  This is great on a couple levels.  Security providers like BPI can appreciate the ease of the 1099 change and it will eliminate specialists always asking me to circumvent the IRS process.

The irony of this story is that most of the states in the country do not regulate executive protection and I am probably speaking a foreign language.  For those states that are not regulated, I do not envy you at all.  The rules and regulations that we have to follow in the states that I am licensed allows me to work freely without retribution from the authorities.  These regulating bodies set a standard that allows for easy enforcement on my part as well as a standard that must be obtained by anyone that wants to work under the BPI flag.

If you ever get the chance you should perouse the DCJS website and review the rules and regulations that govern PPS.

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  1. Mel Vail

    Thanks Eric for this important info. NYS mandates that all security agents be employees and not 1099. Heavy penalties to the employer will follow if audited by the state for using contracting guards as 1099 contractor.

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