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Crossing the threshold (sands) – BPI Security



Crossing the threshold (sands)

In every true specialist, operator or otherwise there is that one detail, motorcade or “run” that we all know is the one that we can honestly say we crossed that threshold into that aha moment of the industry. It’s that “oh yea” now I know what they meant. I know what this is truly all about.

20120727-211007.jpgFor call-sign Neckbone it was his first walk and his maiden voyage. This was truly one of the most complex details we’ve encountered in recent years. 5 days of +15 hour days with an average of 20 movements per day to include an official visit by POTUS that incorporated reaching out to my contacts in order that my principal, once again, be treated as a foreign dignitary. This allowed my shift to move within the inner circle of the USSS.

Tommy arrived as a green specialist, endured the immersion in the true principals of the craft and came out having worked a detail that some specialist with over 10 years have never experienced. He was able to see every aspect of the EP manual in play and now is able to take the book knowledge he learned and associate it with his future details.

This is how it is supposed happen for the men and women in the industry. At least it should for those that earn the right.


  1. Raffaele Di Giorgio

    Being a product of some great mentors and still learning from great mentors. I wanted to say ” Good on you, for taking the time to still be a mentor” so many forget this vital part when they become successful it is great to see it still being done.

    Of course thanks to all the others that take the time, out of their busy schedules, to pass on knowledge everyday as well.

    1. Eric Konohia

      Thanks Raffaele.

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