David Guyer, U2 are a BPI Security S.C.A.B.

I would like to introduce all of you to the newest BPI Security SCAB- former U2 band bodyguard-David Guyer. Mr. Guyer apparently has a new book coming out where he is said to describe “His” exploits while on the road with the band. His apparent debut of his self proclaimed “Bad ass” exploits will appear in the April 2012 Hustler magazine.

Based on the information revealed online, there are no negative specifics about the band that I have been able to find. What seems to be his prevailing sound bite is an incident that occurred during a Boston, Massachusetts concert in 2001, where Guyer claims that he tackled an stage jumper and was allegedly hit with a guitar by Bono. Once again, I have not found any information that this is a tell all book and, in fact the article says that the book was about his [Guyer’s] exploits. There is a quote in the article where he says that he said, “The band never f**ked any groupies… and I hardly ever saw any of U2’s members plastered.” Wait! He sounds more like a publicist and than a BG, but, at any rate that is not why Mr Guyer reaches the ranks of SCAB.

Here’s the deal, the phrase that draws the attention to this story or non story is that he is still waiting for an apology from Bono for the incident in 2001. Not only is that probably not going to happen, but trying to get it by controlling the narrative in the media is never the way. There are other ways to achieve recourse to include court if it meant that much to him.

Enough of that. Let me get to the issue of the alleged issue in 2001. Based on the alleged response by Bono, I can opine that there were no clear guidelines of “expectations” or rules of “engagement”. If the guitar incident occurred the way it is explained, it is easy to infer that Bono was not pleased with Mr. Guyer’s response to his perceived problem. That’s a major disconnect many specialists overlook when engaging in a relationship with their protectee. The same response may have been acceptable to another artist but post incident is not the time to go over rules of engagement and expectations.

Mr. Guyer hits a bad note with BPI Security with the story about Bono in order to sell his book, ‘Road Rash with U2″. He is also out of tune with professionalism.

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