Desire versus dedication

This blog is mainly aimed at the male specialists but it can easily be directed to women specialists as well.  There is no doubt that there is a mystique about what we do, who we are, how we dress, and the way we carry ourselves.  It is an attractive phenomenon to an outsider.  Long details undoubtedly in many cases allows the same people to see you operate on a daily basis.  Hotel staff is a prime example.  Hotel staff are trained to be cordial to all guests, so you and your Jos. A Banks suit are not special.  Get over yourself.

Being on the road is hard for all specialists.  The long hours, living out of a suitcase, sleeping in a hotel and the stress of the job takes a toll on even the best specialists.  I have seen the best of the best fall prey to natures desires.  It all starts with an innocent, “Hello.”  The “Hello’s” turn into conversations and then the innocent “Hook-up” after work comes up.  Regardless of who broaches the idea, the answer has to be an emphatic, “NO”.  There are so many bad possibilities that can occur.  Needles to say, the first thing is that you really don’t know that this person is working for an adversary.  That is worst case scenario.  The second one that comes to mind is that if you are scene by a client rep out with someone in the AO it can and will come back to bite the team in the butt.  An innocent meal can be misconstrued in so many ways that any possibility is not worth the chance.  There is probably a high percentage of the blog subscribers that have been in this situation or know of a colleague that has.  Again, it is not worth it in the end.  When we were in doing a large detail in DC I had a client rep jokingly remark, “Your man upstairs has the chics on lock down.”  I nodded and addressed the situation immediately.  I took it as a hit against my company reputation even if he was joking.  We also have a long standing client that will brag that when Eric, Mark and the guys are working you can not break them for a social conversation.  That is what I want to hear ALL the TIME.

The bottom line of all bottom lines is that you are there to WORK and this is NOT a road trip of sorts to conquer new territory.  Staying serious on the road is a commodity amongst good specialists, but the best always find a way to stay focused irrespective of the circumstances.  There was a specialists that worked for Vance back in the 90’s that was caught in a very bad situation with another Vance specialist.  Once the word got back to the leadership, they were both sent home on the “Bus”.  The Bus was the term we used back then because you literally was given a bus ticket back home.  Nowadays, it depends on the company owner and how he/she distributes disciplinary action and whether he/she has a code of conduct policy.  I have a laundry list of people that will never work for me again and the rationale measures up to the incidences that have occurred.  Working with a well established company is a responsibility not a right.

Here’s the deal, you take a chance on the romance be prepared for the dance that follows.  So to all of the Romeo’s out there, if you get a chance to work for me, leave that feather in your hat home, put on your professional game face and let’s go.  From wheels down to wheels up it’s all about work, we will play at the range or the shoot house.

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