Disappearing in the open

Ok we have already gone over the difference between an obvious visual presence of protection and working a protectee where the coverage isn’t as obvious.

What about those times when a client calls you work to protection on a principal that doesn’t even know he/she is being protected. Ahhh, I hear the crickets now along with the chin scratches of some of the experts out there. Why, you ask? Because many of you have never been asked, contracted or put in this situation. But the reality is that it is a commonly requested line of protection.

Here’s the scenario: a very well off CEO has a child that maybe traveling to anywhere USA for whatever reason. The CEO has some level of concerns for his family yet his daughter is averse to close in protection. The CEO finds your company and asks if you can provide a protective sphere around her without, get this, her knowing there is protection. Before you start saying, “Oh yea that surveillance.” No it is not. In some respects it resembles surveillance, but that is half the job. Making sure you are not detected is looking in-bound yet the protective part is looking out bound. So how do you do both?

If you are by yourself, it is a lot of work and the reality is that it is not advised. The more you have on the team the better and easier it “can” be. Internally you have to impress upon everyone that they have to strip themselves from the Alpha male bravado and wanting to appear more important that they really are. Getting “burned or made” (identified) by the unwitting protectee could cause vicarious issues. The key is that if any member feels they are burned, they need to be removed as an active part. If the principal thinks she’s being followed, she can call the police and you know what happens after that. The jig, or in this case, the gig is up.

On details like this there are several tools you can use to be a step ahead of the unwitting principal. Any idea of a pre-determined agenda or itinerary will greatly assist in advancing their movements by being there before they arrive and lessens too many specialists following them at any given time as well as incompatible situations. An incompatible situation would be if the principal grabs a cab after you’ve been following her on foot for a couple blocks. She takes off in the cab and you and you team grab one as well. You’re going to have to tell the cab to follow the other cab, whereas if you already know she’s headed to a predetermined location, you can push part of your team ahead and do a hasty advance.

I’m not going through the entire procedure, but just wanted to open your eyes to the other possibilities of this craft that many don’t talk about because they haven’t done it…..but you heard it here.

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