Yesterday I introduced the term transverse hybridization in an attempt to get you understanding on how to enable yourself to work both sides of the protective spectrum.  Today I want to talk about how this effect is sometimes caused – dispersion.

The theory can be simply equated to the same effect by dropping a stone in a pond.  As soon as the stone hits the water there is an immediate response.  Water, in the form of rings, disperse outward away from the center of impact.  The dispersion effects everything you can see with the naked eye as well as those microscopic things that you cannot.  As the rings move away from the impact zone they continue to disperse until they die off OR hit some kind of resistance.  This resistance can be in the form of a embankment, a large rock or just about anything along those lines.  If there is direct resistance a curious phenomenon occurs.  The rings are forced back towards the source of its cause.

Ok enough about the rock/water analogy.  Let’s try another one.  When developers build new homes in areas that have gone untouched for years, the initial machinery that comes in and chops down trees and wooded area has an effect on the ecosystem that resided there.  Animal life disperses outward, causing strange behavior.  In some areas people will see a rise in deer in their yards, bear, fox, wolves etc.  Their natural habitat has been interrupted causing them to move outward to a new an unknown ecosystem.  They struggle to adapt and disrupt their new environment.  Get it now?

Over the last several months I have watched and tried to track this dispersion in the industry and as we stnad today the rings are going back and forth.  Specialists that predominantly did corporate/dignitary protection are dispersing towards the PSD and entertainment environment.  Ironically, those that specialized on the entertainment side are trending towards the corporate/dignitary side.  That’s all fine and good, right?  So what was the impact that has caused the dispersion?  Easy, The economy and over-saturation of the industry.  On the corporate side, the economy has forced corporate entities to cut back on expenses which normally directly effect security costs.  Specialists move outward to land in the other areas: PSD or the entertainment side.  If met with resistance, they bounce back.  On the entertainment side it is simply over-saturation.  The entertainment, or what most refer to as the celebrity protection side has become a dense population that has forced specialists or bodyguards to move outward to an unfamiliar ecosystem.  This is where we are.

This is where transverse hybridization helps.  Adaptation to the new habitat is important for survival, otherwise it will get down to only the strong will survive.

The industry is the effect of diserpsion and why transverse hybridization is important.

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